Monday, October 01, 2007


It's Socktoberfest, y'all!

Here's my modest Socktoberfest goal: to finish these socks. OK, I mean I want to DO more but that's my goal. I'm still working on Dad's sock so that's more socky things and well, I'm sure I'll get some kind of sock yarn this month but I want to make sure these socks, MY socks, are done by the end of Soctoberfest.

If (and only if) I finish Dad's socks this month then I'll cast on for Pat's socks. I've yet to decide if she'll get some sort of designed pattern or just good ol' stockinette socks. However, because I love my Pat so, I did get her some austermann step sock yarn to keep her feet soft and cozy.

Stay tuned for exciting news and while it won't be a contest, prizes may be involved...


Mary said...

What a beautiful sock pattern! What is it? So far it's coming along fetchingly! :-)

Marianne said...

Well, I do love me some exciting news! (so of course, I'll be staying tuned in, :^)
That's a VERY pretty pattern!
...sigh...mansocks... they're just so BIG....and yes, I'm sure you'll get them finished...just keep at it.

Dana said...

Beautiful socks (and toe up too!) Enjoy your Socktoberfest. :)

Dianne said...

Very NICE! AND no doubt you'll Sock them right out...during your Socktoberfest. Look forward to seeing you this weekend..will be FUN~