Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Yesterday, I learned that I won a blog contest. A mighty cool prize, I may add (even if I don't entirely know what it is yet!). You see, earlier this year I found Spindle And Wheel (there's also a link in my sidebar). It's a really cool online spinning magazine. I would read each of the new issues and occasionally read the blog. Well, I started reading the blog more often and made more of an effort to comment when Allena mentioned having a little drawing and to enter all you had to do was comment. So I started commenting more. I mean, I almost never win anything so I'm not gonna win but we all like comments, ya know? So. Yesterday. I read the update and guess what? I'm the first winner!! I've chatted back and forth with Allena and she's customizing a little basket for me. I don't know what all will be in there but I know she is going to include some of her own Shetland wool for me since I haven't spun any Shetland before. The rest, is all a surprise right now.

Don't worry, I'll post when I get my package. But in the meantime, all you spinners (and knitters, I mean there are patterns there) go check out Spindle and Wheel.

Now... I've been waiting for the right time for this and this seems like as good as any. A little bit ago I signed up for a whole "pay it forward" thing on The Yarn Yarn's blog. N is paying forward her own good luck. She's sending out a little surprise present to three people from her blog and well, I'm doing the same. All I ask is that you have a blog so that you can continue to pay it forward. The first three people who ask to be part of the whole Pay It Foward in the comments will get something nice from me within a few months I'd say. It may be yarn or fiber, if you're a spinner, or it may be something I've created (ie - knit/spun) for you or something else all together. I'm not sure what's going out yet. It'll be personalized.

Just to be clear, you can comment without participating in the pay it forward. But to participate in the pay it forward (and get a nice little present) you have to comment and ASK to be part of it - and be one of the first three people to ask to participate.


Mary said...

Congrats on winning the contest!

I like that Spindle and Wheel -- thanks for the link!

Pam! said...

ohhh count me in on the Pay It Forward thing. I love things that involve passing on little gifts & such.
Do I start it now on my blog or should I wait until I get 'paid'. LOL