Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Pink for October

I read on Jane's site a "movement", for lack for a better word, where you change your website/blog pink to help create awareness for Breast Cancer. I thought it seemed like a good idea. I am very lucky that my grandmother is a breast cancer survivor and if turning my blog pink through October creates any more awareness that can save someone else's grandmother, then I'm all for it!

Here's the site for Pink for October.

And just for additional goodness, go here. Help some women get mammograms (and you know, it really only takes a minute so go on and click on all the other tabs to help out those sites too...)

Next post, I promise there will be actual knitting content AND pictures!


natalie said...

I can't do this to mine :o(

My mum is had breast cancer in the 1980's and she's 73 now, so I must try and do something though...


Marianne said...

I keep that site close at hand and click on it nearly everyday, also the animal rescue and literacy program and and and.... it's a heck of a deal!
BTW? You're very pretty in pink! :^)

Dana said...

I second Marianne - - you're very pretty in pink and it's a wonderful reason too.

Have a good week and I'll see you on Saturday!

Robin said...

Yeah for the pink! I wish I could figure out how to "pink" mine and then get my own color back in November! Oh to be a computer whiz! I'll visit the site you mentioned and click away!