Saturday, September 29, 2007

Roanoke's NoSo Knit

Today was Roanoke's 10th Annual NoSo Knit. I heard about it too late last year (or way early this year?) and didn't go but this year I was going. I even talked Mom into going. I have very few pictures because my camera battery was on the verge of death. I however did get a picture of our table.

We have Laura (who I'm going to SAFF with):



and from left to right Knit Nana and Pam:

Oh, and me and my Mom:

Mom won some lovely blue yarn who's brand I've promptly forgotten:

I won some Berroco Tutu which must be hiding in Mom's car because I don't have it with me now and I know it made it TO the car so click the link to what it looks like. It's the black one.

Other prizes at our table included 2 pattern books, a handmade cosmetic case, a legwarmer kit and some other wool. Yes, I did pay attention but that was a long time ago. We did a lot of talking and laughing and window shopping and some not window shopping and I just don't remember who all got exactly what, ok?

Speaking of shopping, I did very well. I only bought 3 things:

Orchid lace weight Malabrigo:

This WILL be knit into a scarf or some such for me but oh, my. It's so lovely I could just pet it all day long. (BTW, this purchase is all Christy's fault. She was looking at the Malabrigo and said that I should definitely knit some lace...)

A green skein of Cotton Classic for a baby bib (for my nephew who will be born ANY day now!):

and a Fiber Trends Raindrop Lace sock pattern.

That's it. Mom got some sock yarn of unknown origin. Well, SHE knows what brands they are but as I said before, we did a lot and all I know is one was a blue tweedy color and the other what looks like will be a nice blend of browns/grays.

Oh and I almost forgot, amongst our goodie bags (needles, patterns, coupons, various knitterly goodies) was this:

Sportweight Claudia Handpaint... mmmm...

All in all, we had a really good day.


KnitNana said...

It was so much fun! I had a blast meeting your Mom...she just has to come to our knit nights - make sure, okay?

Dianne said...

What FUN!! Love the pix and the purchases..can't wait to see finished project..would love another 'Bedford Encounter..' Hugs~~

Mary said...

Nice haul! Our knitting group friend Katy was there, I think. Looks like a fun time!

(My word verification is "guruhdu". Wonder what that means...).

Marianne said...

What lovely lovelies! and what a wonderful time you all had! Looks to be a fabulous group of knitterly types!
Mmmm, Claudia's soft and pretty....
Way to go!

Laura said...

NoSo was great fun! Shopping, knitting and talking...what more could we have asked for?

cate said...

Oh, I sure missed out. Oh well....... Next year!!!!

Diana said...

Sounds and looks like a fabulous time. I'll have to make sure I attend next year!

Dana said...

Excellent fiber! It looks like a good time was had by all - - that's great.

See you this weekend! :D