Monday, October 08, 2007

Fall Fiber Festival

I know in my last post I promised actual knitting content. I may have stretched the truth a bit. I was planning on knitting content but well, I changed my mind. You are going to get lots of pictures and fiber though.

Saturday I loaded up the truck (in the rain I may add. In the dark rain since it was 6:30am) and drove to Bedford. There I met up with Dianne, Dana and Linda. Then off we went to Montpelier for the Fall Fiber Festival (and sheep dog trials. That we missed. It was really hot y'all).

We made it up there with no trouble at all. I will spare you the very blurry pictures of the signs along the way. You may thank me later. Dana and I made plans to "Kinnear" someone and to take some suitable pictures to send to Dave for a future edition of Ass Watch Wednesday (or whatever day the next Ass Watch falls on). We failed in both plans. I'm totally blaming the "fiber fumes". You know how it is, you have great plans and the next thing you know you've got a handful of gorgeous roving (or yarn) and bammo. You're hopeless and forgot all your plans.

So we got to FFF:

We bought stuff:

We ate lamb instead of the packed lunches we had. (it was so much better than MY packed lunch at least!)

We saw sheep and lamas and alpacas:

We totally missed any blogger meet up in the skein and garment tent (sorry guys!) and apparently everyone else who was there (such as Mary,Robin and IndigoMuse).

But we had a great time and bought a lot of stuff:

(no. this is NOT all mine. It's our combined haul!)

However, despite much planning and desire. We did NOT bring home a small animal. (We were all leaning towards bunnies but then this little fellow came over to snort at me and well, I thought maybe he should come home to live with me and the heathens).

But despite all that, I did buy an alpaca:


I brought some camel home with me. I've found several sources including the most recent Spin Off, but if anyone has any suggestions/tips for camel, I'll happily take them.

I got some lovely dyed wool roving:

8 oz. I have no idea what it'll become but I'm sure it'll be lovely! Linda liked it so much she bought a bag like it too!

I also got some freebies: notecards, wool wash, some ordinary ol' white wool (that will be used for dyeing after SAFF)... but most of all, I had a great time!! Even if it was 90 degrees outside!! and dusty.


Mary said...

It's fun to read everyone's perspective on the event. Glad you had fun. I ate some lamb, too, but it was just too hot to really enjoy it. I guess after my upcoming spinning classes I'll be buying roving at future fiber festivals, too, like you!

laura said...

Looks like a great time.
I love your little alpaca. Too cute!

Marianne said...

That little alpaca is so cute!
So glad all you lovely women got to get together and have such a wonderful day! Nice haul!

Dave Daniels said...

That does look like a great time. And, can you believe the heat we're still having in OCTOBER???
AWW is officially on Wednesdays.

Dianne said...

OHH but she fails to tell the part of Linda being 'Bossy' all day and Dana and Nikki ignoring my pleas to stop to go potty or to eat...yep, they ignored me completely
But it sure was FUN!!Thanks for making it a great day~~Hugs

Diana said...

What a great day! I am so jealous. I will have to make a festival one of these days. Your little alpaca is very cute!

Dana said...

I didn't realize you bought yourself a little alpaca..duh! It's so cute. We had a great day and I'm so glad we were able to do the trip together. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with your roving, especially the camel.

Probably Jane said...

Can't wait to see what you make with your treasures!