Monday, September 17, 2007

A funny story

I was at work today and at lunch was sitting there quietly knitting on Dad's sock. One of the managers came up and sat down with me. After she got her lunch all ready and was eating she looked at me and said, "you're really knitting socks!" In that tone that maybe she heard I'd knit them but thought they were being silly.

me: Yup

Bosslady: Are they slippers or like sock socks?

me: sock socks

Bosslady: huh...

me: Next time I wear a pair I'll try to remember to show them to you.

Bosslady: OK (in a more enthusiastic tone than I'm really able to convey here)

It was really just kind of funny.

And just so you don't think I'm completely evil bringing home a pink litter box, I did bring Bartholamew home his favorite toy: a cat nip pillow!

We lurves the 'nip...


Diana said...

I guess she was thinking, "Socks...Unbelievable"! You impressed her!
Love that kitty picture. I must go get some nip for my cats. They have surely been deprived! I never get any. Do you just get a toy from the grocer or where?

Mary said...

Well, every muggle's argument is, "they're 3 pairs for five bucks at Walmart!", (and frankly, sometimes I think that myself), but all it takes for me to snap to my senses is to see a gorgeous pair that someone has made. I'm sure she'll think the same thing, once you show her yours. You should also bring some hanks of your best stash sock yarn for show and tell, that'll really make her appreciate sock knitting!

Marianne said...

That's a great story!
The 'sense' of handknit socks is in 'how they feel on your feet' besides being pretty... they make your feet so very happy! Nothing like it.
Perhaps you could let her 'try on' a pair for just a few minutes, keeping a very close eye on the socks, mind you.... :^)

Robin said...

I see an "enabling" starting to happen! She'll be knitting in no time!

Look at Mr. Bart....

Dana said...

I'm not going to say a word. I was a "muggle" for a long, long time. (And then came Marianne with her 'try one on'). LOL

Wonderful photo of Mr. B!

Robin said...

Bart is soo funny! The cats I've had have never been nuts over catnip/mint. Wonder if what I get for them is stale or old or something. But, I grew the catmint at one time and they didn't bother it at all. My cats just must not have addictive personalities! They're just addicted to cat food! Bartholamew is so cute!