Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Well, I suppose I should just go on and admit it. I'm on the waiting list for Ravelry. I have some personal observations to share with you. These are in no particular order by the way.

I put my name on the list (on June 17) mostly because everyone else was. I wasn't sure if I'd like it and have use for it (and still have some reservations). But I wanted to see what it was all about.

Having 2664 people in line in front of you is WAY better than having 194 (as of 6:35pm) people in front of you. I'm almost ashamed to admit this but I've been checking that damn site at least once a day since I got under 300 in front of me. And I was right tickled when the number hit under four digits.

I'd sort of figured out I'd get my invite the end of August based on the amount of people getting in but that means it's almost the end of August now. Which makes me wonder where the hell the year went!

I did not take people's suggestions of inventorying everything knitting related I own before my Ravelry invite. But as Robin pointed out as she was adding her books, I'd just forget what the yarns were anyways. (Hey! It's possible. And sounds very reasonable to me so stop it.)

There are still 17,516 people BEHIND me in line!! That's a whole lot of people. I mean like a WHOLE LOT of people!

Going back to the whole picture issue for a moment, I did however go on and open up a flickr account. It was just easier. Yahoo was (is) closing their photo section and I had to transfer my photos somewhere or lose them. So, in anticipation of Ravelry, I chose flickr. Which was especially convenient since Yahoo now apparently owns flickr so they tranfered all the photos over for me.

The worst part of my Ravelry invite coming sometime late this week or this weekend (more than likely)? I volunteered to work this Saturday. Fortunately it's just 3 1/2 hrs but still. I could be knitting then! Or taking pictures of my stash. Or something other than working!! Which also reminds me, if someone asks you if you want to work a Saturday... unless it's for yarn, say no. It's just not worth it. Really. Even if it is just for 3 1/2 hrs.

I forgot one more tidbit: it took me over 9 weeks to get my Ravelry invite. It took me 6 1/2 weeks to get my passport (for the record. I applied for the passport AFTER I applied for Ravelry). I find it both interesting and a little bizzare that knitting is more popular than international travel. (OK. that's a stretch but still...)


Marianne said...

YAY! for you!
I still don't know quite what to think of it...Ravelry...I mean, are they going to have 'room' for everyone? and you have to be 'in' it to actually go anywhere in 'there', right? whew. Perhaps when I have WAY more time...and in the meantime when I get 'some' time I could do the flickr thing and.....who knows. I can't even think about it now.

I'm with you, working on a saturday, unless it's for yarn, nah. just isn't going to happen. :^)

Dave Daniels said...

Meh, I'm in, but don't really see the point. I mean, we all have blogs and all, so what's the big deal? I don't NEED to keep track of my stash. I don't want to know how much yarn I have. I belong to enough other groups, like on Yahoo. The hype is mostly the newness of it I suppose. Time will tell.
And that was interesting to hear about the passport comparison.

Diana said...

Well, hope it happens for you this weekend. I love the passport comparison!! Here is my place, 8751 people are ahead of you in line. 9043 people are behind you in line.
Like Dave said above I don't want pictures of my stash or a few other options I might have on Ravelry. I might opt out after I check it out!!!

KnitNana said...

Congrats. Let the fun begin!

There are only 2 people doing the design and coding for Ravelry. HOW many people are doing passports in the US government? (and on our tax dollars, at that)


laura said...

Getting ready with all kinds of photos ahead of time doesn't seem like much fun. I don't think I would have done that either.
It's more fun to explore and get excited about it first.

I don't think the stash photos are the most important part anyhow.

I can't wait to hear what you think after you get your invite. :)

Dana said...

Congratulations! You are soooo close to being in the "in crowd." LOL Me? I signed up July 31st and there's still something like 16K people ahead of me. Ah well....I'll live vicariously through your experiences if you don't mind.

Have fun! (P.S. How's the Tour de France coming along?)

Dianne said...

I have to admit I signed up on a whim..but I am not sure it's anything I'll ever use..I suppose peer pressure won me over..PLUS..I'm 19 Gazillion back..