Sunday, August 12, 2007

Another Weekend Update

Well, thankfully the heat broke (some. It's down to "normal hot" instead of "OMG are you KIDDING me!?!? hot").

Today I thought I'd spin the second half of the Briar Rose roving I had. It's been a couple weeks since I've spun. I think it showed in the singles but when plied they looked just fine. I'll take pictures in a few days for you. It's near dark out now and I'd like to try to capture good color for you.

But it was very slow going when I was trying to spin. Seems I'm not the only one here who's infatuated with the wheel.

Pepper, in true cat fashion, rolled right before I snapped the picture. She had moments before been laying there with her legs intertwined with the treadle and other moving parts.

Bartholamew doesn't care so much about the wheel but loves to sit in my lap while I spin.

I had another picture of his cute little face but he looked surly and you've seen him surly looking before. I thought I'd show you his sweet snuggly side. And for the record, no, I can't spin with him in my lap.

After many cat breaks I finally got it all spun. I had intended it to be a swap present but the swap came and went and I still have the yarn so it's mine now.

I've been knitting on my clapotis when I knit:

I'm to the 3rd section called "straight rows" but I like to think of it as the "dropped stitch" section since that's what you do:

I ran into a couple knit/spin group friends over the weekend. They invited me to go to SAFF with them and after glancing at the website I gleefully said yes! Tomorrow I'm mailing off my class registration for a knitting and a dyeing class. I don't think either of these will fill up but just in case I'm going to keep you in suspense as to what they're for.

Tomorrow's a bit of a special day for me so please to stop back by for a special post.

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Robin said...

Can't wait to see what you're spinning!
Going to SAFF...I've always wanted to go but it happens on a bad weekend for me every year!