Saturday, August 25, 2007

FO updates

I have several finished items to share with you today. One is completely and totally done. The other well... I'll tell you about it in a moment.

My Baby hat for NoSo Knit:

The second one is my clapotis. I've called it done. I've marked it done in the sidebar but honestly it's 99% done. I have to finish unraveling all those dropped stitches then weave in a couple ends. I tried to weave in the ends before the unraveling but it didn't work.

Oh and I almost forgot:

I made a teeny sock for my sock blocker keychain!

Lastly, not a FO but an update. I got my invite for Ravelry. I'm listed as "Nikki" if you want to look me up and come by to say hi. I'm reserving all opinions until I can really get in there and do more than get my feet wet. So far it is a very neat place but I'm just not sure I'm that organized with my knitting.


Diana said...

All three knits are great. There is a big need for preemie hats. Your clapotis is really pretty. The colors turned out wonderful. I can't imagine knitting a sock so teenie tiny!

Robin said...


Marianne said...

Great FOs! that little tiny sock is so cute! You knit with such beautiful colours!

Dianne said...

How Pretty..all of them..Congrats on your acceptance!! Hugs

laura said...

I am still in love with your clapotis colors! Man, that koigu is just pretty.

Such a cute sock too! I was wondering what size needle you used on your teeny sock, but I should just go check Ravelry. :)

KnitNana said...

LOL! Ravelry can help you get organized if you let it!
Love Clapotis - I can't believe you didn't drop & unravel the stitches as you went!!!
And your sockblocker is adorable!

Dana said...

Great finished objects! The baby hat is adorable, as is the clapotis. Ya gotta love the sock blocker and sock - - too cute. Great work, as always, Nikki.

P.S. Congrats on Ravelry. (I'll see you about 12 months ). LOL

Debby said...

Your FOs look great!! I admire your knitting the Clapotis. I'm the last knitter on earth who doesn't have one.

Happy belated birthday! I'm knitseashore on ravelry and I will try to find you too. I haven't spent a lot of time there, but it is a great resource when you want to see a pattern others have made and get ideas for yarn substitutions.

Mary said...

Love the FOs -- what is the hat yarn? Looks very soft and fun. Welcome to Ravelry!

Robin said...

Love the baby hat. Baby things are soo cute. Seeing yours reminds me that I have a clapotis to finish, too. And, I should knit a mini sock, too! OH not enough hours.....!