Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I'm melting....

Ok. You really do need to imagine that in the Wicked Witch's voice...

I'm back from Savannah, GA where we had the memorial service for my uncle. I think pert near the whole church came. It was a very beautiful service with great songs.

I did get a smidge of knitting done. Dad's sock is about to take a large trip to the frog pond. I just do not like the yarn and am not happy with how the sock progressed. We're not discussing that I was already starting the leg from a toe up sock when I decided this, OK? I am still plodding along with my koigu clapotis.

We had record breaking heat today. The cats and I are managing just fine but after the stress and travel this weekend and not sleeping so well in the heat, I'm tired.

I'd like to leave you with something a friend of my Uncle Don's left in his obituary's online guestbook:

If our eyes had no tears, our souls would have no rainbows.

How very true...

Stay cool y'all.


Diana said...

Glad your back. Sorry about the sock. I've done that before.
Do you not have a window unit AC? We need to get you one! Is your apartment one level? We only have one downstairs so nights are hot although a window box fan is great.
I'm calling Tapestry tomorrow and see what they have left.

Marianne said...

That was beautiful.

A lukewarm bath or shower, then into bed, don't move, just relax and breath and rest...sweet dreams.

Dave Daniels said...

That is the perfect closing line, thank you for that.

Robin said...

What an ABSOLUTE sweet sentiment...I'll have to remember that!

Dianne said...

A very beautiful sentiment..
Yes, quite a scorcher yesterday..I came home for my shower/change of clothes and when I was 115 in my finally got down to 99...It's the type day I'm most grateful for central air...hang in there..I have some socks I need to frog as well..just keep procrastinating..and hoping they will correct themselves..or become something else..hmmm wonder what else a sock could become?..Hugs~~

Mary said...

That was a sweet comment your Uncle Don left.

I do hope you find respite from the heat.

Last night it was still 98°F at 10 pm. That's just plain nasty.

Dana said...

Sorry to read about your father's sock. From what I've read in assorted blogs (and my own projects), there have been a lot of trips to the frog pond lately. If it's any consolation, you're not alone.

Hopefully, the heat wave will break soon - - I'm melting too.

Your Uncle Don's service sounded lovely and "tears/rainbows" was very touching.

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

I am really sorry about your uncle. That saying of his is awesome. I've put it in my "must use to remind me when I'm down" list. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Bunny hugs,