Tuesday, January 23, 2007

woo hoo!

I have finished a sleeve and it even fits! Tonight I'm going to begin on my second sleeve.

I would also like to report (and sadly there are no photos or even better videos of this) that due to the vigilance of my Big Orange Protector (commonly called Bartholamew) I have been saved from the Evil Pink Fleece that Lived on My Bed. I came home from work and went to the bathroom. Of course, both cats followed me in. Bartholamew kept trying to antagonize Pepper into playing but she was oblivious - this is not uncommon. She's really not the brightest bulb in the box. But she's pretty. So then Bartholamew ran and bounced up onto the bed with that wild eyed cat look. Pepper, still clueless, went into the living room. So then, having apparently used his psychic cat sense, Bartholamew sproinged across the bed and attacked the Evil Pink Fleece (this, BTW, used to be the Cozy Pink Fleece we - read Bartholamew - Liked to Sleep On). He then sproinged BACK to the other corner of the bed to stand vigilant and make sure it was dead. It wasn't. In fact it took not one but TWO more attacks before it was deemed safe by Bartholamew.

I know I will sleep much better tonight not worrying about being attacked by the Evil Pink Fleece. Thank the stars above that I have a clueless (but cute) Pepper and a great big and mighty Fleece Fighter.

OH, I almost forgot. Dad and Pat got their hat and scarf and love them. However, Dad's hat is a little big. I'm not surprised. I was worried about this and was prepared. I will get another hat whipped out and sent to him as quickly as possible. But here's the fnished items anyway:


Robin said...

Hey...I can't go to the bathroom alone either...and I was just working up a blog post about my "bathroom company"!

cate said...

Here is the yarn I used for Branching Out. Knit One Crochet Two, Douceur et Soie. Can't wait to see your work. LYS has some in stock, not bright colors though. catie