Wednesday, January 10, 2007


There are way too many free patterns on the internet. Furthermore, there are way too many free patterns that I like that use yarn I can't really afford causing me to spend too much time trying to find a substitute.

Today, I gave up, remeasured myself and found alternate patterns with local not OMG expensive yarns. (The remeasuring was an important step here, I apparently was making up measurements for myself that were -thankfully - larger than my real measurements.)

After I finish Pat's scarf and maybe after I finish the Irish Hiking scarf, I am thinking about embarking on a sweater. A cardigan to be more exact. This cardigan actually. And I'll probably substitute the yarn with Cascade 220, or maybe the Paton's Classic Merino. I can't decide yet. But as I'm sure y'all understand, I want to cast on for it RIGHT NOW. Which is why I'm thinking the Paton's. They've got some variegated yarns that I just absolutely LOVE and think would look great in this... plus I have some scrap at home and checked and I can totally get gauge with it...

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