Sunday, December 16, 2007

bad blogger...

Yes, that would be me, a bad blogger. However, today I'm going to blame the holidays (and my new wheel and my super secretive knitting). Yeah. That's it.

Well, OK, it probably does have a lot to do with it. And in a more realistic goal starting in the new year I'm going to try to post 3 times a week.

Since I haven't plied any yarn yet on the wheel, I can't show you that. The 2nd bobbin of the gobblin eyes looks pretty much just like the first so that's not a good picture.

Can't show you the knitting...

Oh, ok, here's a picture of my finished felted back pack. I like it. The straps are a titch long... that may be something I fix or something I just get over. I'm leaning towards "get over"

It now has a "I want it all!" Christmas pin a friend gave me on the front.

Oh, and how about a happy cheesy ass picture for you?

Back in August I reached my 5 yr anniversary with this company. They add the names to our board in the Library at the end of each year and my friend who also hit the 5 yr mark and I took cheesy pictures pointing at our names. I blame the sugar high we were on from all the desserts. Yeah. That's it.

I'd show you the pictures of our snow storm that turned into an ice storm but well, that didn't happen. It sleeted a little but then it all turned into rain. And well, pictures of a wet parking lot aren't that exciting.

Hope to see you again soon but just in case - I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!!

(this post was brought to you by the letter *B* as in Blame or passing the Buck)


Marianne said...

Heh... you do great 'cheesy ass', I must say... no, seriously, it's a great photo! (I have to admit to enjoying 'cheesy ass' :^)

Your back pack turned out great! are the straps felted I-cord? and if so, if they are indeed felted really well? you 'can' just cut to shorten them then sew them back on....

Dana said...

Your felted backpack is gorgeous! I like the longer strings - - they give it flair.

The cheesy photo is very good too. Congrats on your 5th anniversary.

Can't wait to see photos of your super secretive projects. Happy Christmas & New Year!!!

Laura said...

Congrats on getting your name on the
board, and that is a nice picture!
Nice hat too!
Glad you like your new wheel, a name picked out yet perhaps????

Probably Jane said...

That's a very smart backpack. Looking forward to seeing your secret knitting and hope you get plenty of spinning done over the holiday. My handspun is wound and ready to go into my backpack for my trip home.

Have a very merry Christmas and look forward to a woolly New Year!