Thursday, January 10, 2008

Black Hole

That's where I've been lately. In a black hole! I apparently get up and go to work and come home and somehow it's time to get up and go to work again. I really have NO idea what's happened to my spare/free time. It was just the first of the year, now we're a whole week (or more!) into the year.

The good news is, I can now show you super secretive project #1. The intended recipient hasn't gotten it yet but, well, he's not able to read and doesn't play online yet. And his mother did get to see the present today so it's all good. Tomorrow (barring another black hole incident) I'll be finished with super secretive #2 and can share that too since little boy's mom is also the mom to the two little girls who are getting the 2nd project.

Wanna see #1?



He's a stegosaurus. And I've had to defend him many many times. Every Single Person who's met him in person, has oohed and aahed over him and most have threatened to steal him. The good news is he was so fun to knit, I'll happily knit more (the first one is mine though so don't ask!).

Cross your fingers the black hole doesn't suck me in and I can ply "pie for everyone" this weekend and blog both it and the #2 project.


Dianne said...

No wonder you've been so quiet over cute is that? Great Job Nikki!!

Dave Daniels said...

Nikki, that's just TOO cool! well done! What's next, a tyrannosaurus???

Marianne said...

awwww, Nikki, what a fabulous wee beastie! I can well imagine having to fight folks off!
You are such a clever woman!
(love the colours in that yarn, what is it?)

Dana said...

He's precious! Absolutely adorable! Who's the lucky boy (and more specifically, where does he live so I can steal the steg). LOL

I can't wait to see super secretive project #2 now. No black holes this weekend Nikki. You hear me? None. ;)

Have a great one.

KnitNana said...

How cute!
Great job...

Mary said...

So cute! :-)

Diana said...

He's adorable and I'm sure will be much loved. Are you getting hooked on knitted toys? I have yet to try one but want to. I have a book waiting. Hmmmm, I think I know the recipient!