Thursday, December 15, 2005

hello there

Hello there! And welcome to my new blog. You may be wondering why I titled it "my hairy life" well, that's easy. It's mostly a blog on my hair. How girly you may be thinking, well, it's not quite that bad. :) I've decided to grow my hair long for Locks of Love ( This is mostly about that adventure.

Also, I figure from time to time you may hear about my cats, Bartholamew and Pepper and they're fairly hairy too.

I'm going to try to update my blog monthly but there may be more frequent postings. I'm not promising much because life can get hairy in other ways sometimes, too.

This is me and my "new" haircut in Sept '04. Below is a current picture of me. My goal/hope is to be able to cut off at least 10 inches of hair by this time next year.


Jim_n_Pat said...

cool, keep it up.
love D

Uncle Joe Willie said...

Just don't cut it as short as your Dad's
Love & Kisses,
Uncle Joe Willie

Nikki said...

thanks, guys! And don't worry, the shortest it will be is right above my shoulders :)